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PPHU "LUAL" was established in 1995, but our experience is rooted in the late 1970s. We specialize in sewing gloves but we also sew leather clothes to order. We are one of the major producers of leather gloves in Poland. Because of our involvement with production and using the latest technology, our gloves are of the highest quality.

We offer full range of leather outdoor gloves for women and for men in all neccesary sizes and colours. We also produce sport gloves, e.g. for horse riders, hunters, motor cyclists, drivers, fencers, boxers and snowboarders. Our firm has sewn gloves for the army and for fire-fighters as well as working or protecting gloves.

PPHU "LUAL" is a very dynamic and expanding firm with a great productive capacity. We are a flexible producer - we can quickly remodel our production and create new design.

We sew gloves using our own or entrusted material (refining processing). firms well known on the Polish market, like Auchan Polska, E. Leclerc, Galaskór Nysa and Procoves Polska cooperate with us. We have a number in a bar code EAN13.

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